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September 18, 2010
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MTG Swamp by CrimsonMagpie MTG Swamp by CrimsonMagpie
More from my Magic: The Gathering project. :B

This is obviously the swamp. It was hard to find a decent 'look' for the swamp, as many of the previous swamp illustrations were simply 'evil'-looking forests with water around the trees. I specifically wanted to avoid using trees, as I wanted to completely avoid any potential confusion as to what type of landscape it was. I also wanted to paint something more visually interesting than a featureless wasteland, so I hit upon the dead-looking tree-stump corpses, which also fit well with the death and decay theme of swamp units. :B

This is probably my favourite of the five paintings I did, although I was unable to do any kind of digital enhancement for web as it ruined the dusky, post-sunset/pre-sunrise atmosphere that's integral to the image.

Acrylic on paper, A3 (42 x 29.7cm, 16.5 x 11.7")
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I quit MTG recently, sold all my cards. All those new cards, all those new abilities, just too much, too complicated, too stressing, too expensive & too elitist.
CrimsonMagpie Feb 21, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
I've not played in over a decade, but painted these as working for Magic is one of my career goals. :meow:
Rieal-Dragonsbane Dec 26, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
The sky and the water look so calm. And then the tree stumps really gives the painting a darker tone. I like it. :heart:
CrimsonMagpie Dec 27, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
That was the idea; that evil places don't have to be overtly evil. Thanks! :la:
priteeboy Nov 24, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good idea avoiding the "forest" look - some swamps have trees but not usually as large or dense as forests anyway, and there's plenty of exposed roots like these around too (I like how you made them look shiny, as if they're still wet 8-))
CrimsonMagpie Nov 25, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks, I really didn't want to just repeat the 'flooded forest' aesthetic most MTG artists gave their swamps, and I'm glad people think this idea worked. :meow:
I love the silver lighting of the moon on the wood and water. The gradient of purples and blues are very smooth and done well.
Nice piece. :aww:
CrimsonMagpie Apr 17, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
Smooth? If you insist.... :lol:

Thanks. :meow:
Yes. Smooth. You shouldn't be too hard on yourself.

Welcome. :meow:
mrtncore Mar 14, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
i like fucked up things growing out of swamps. or deserts. or bodies. or anything for that matter :P
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